Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Denim days

I can't believe that it has been well over a month since I have last blogged. So many things have happened, nothing terrible, but time has just flown past in a flurry of volcano-delayed trips, girl's night's out, masses of work and lazy days in the sun/sofa.

The sun is shining (finally) in Norway and I couldn't be happier. Following on my last post, I am no longer dreaming of but sporting more and more summery attire. My wardrobe of late has consisted of so many florals and bright colours and of course a massive smile on my face. I promise I will be a better blogger and post some of these soon.

A long-standing staple in my winter wardrobe is denim (see here) and I obviously don't need to go into its versatilities but I love denim in the summer even more, especially in its rawest, ripped, frayed and shortened form. The contrast of short denim with long-sleeves is something I adore. And of course the juxtaposition of destroyed denim with glamourous fur and silks. Something I've not tried much but am keen to is the denim turn-up. I've always been afraid it would make me look too stumpy. But Rachel's inspired me.

Hope you're all enjoyed warm weather - promise I'll be a better blogger!

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