Monday, 19 April 2010

Festival fashion

(photos from gossip center)

This volcanic eruption in Iceland is really screwing up the weather here. This morning we scrapped ice and snow of the car and it was nearly minus temps and now it is gorgeous sunshine outside. I love summer time and my fondest recent memories are filled with music festivals and lounging in the sun. Looking at photos of the recent Coachella festival in California made me pine for a stable climate of delicious warm weather. 

My summer wardrobe will consist of tie-dyes, tassles and breezy cute summer dresses and playsuits in a rainbow of colours. I love the one Paris is wearing here but I would wear it completely differently with fringed leather sandals, chunky turquoise and silver jewellery and feathers in my hair.
Here's some of my favourite styles from some of last year's UK festivals as well:

(photos from Elle UK)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend - I was on a cabin trip with some of my nearest and dearest enjoying long chats, delicious food and a tipple or too.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Dreams do come true

Sorry for not blogging for a while but I've been away enjoying my Easter vacation with my family. While I was away I did nothing but eat delicious homemade curries, chocolate easter treats and bacon sandwiches, shopped until my suitcase could not hold anymore and lounged about with my friends and family with and without cocktails depending on our mood. It was perfect and I miss them all so much now!
But my return to Norway was made a little sweeter when I landed and felt how much the air had warmed and realised that finally (finally!) spring is here. The smile on my face was made even broader knowing that all the floaty, fairweather treats I had stuffed my suitcase with have a chance of being worn.

The best purchase of all....

...yes those gorgeous YSL cage boots that I blogged about here are finally mine!! It must have been a sign, I walked into the store and there they were, 60% off and only left in my size. I put them on my feet and I knew they were coming home with me. Gorgeous aren't they? Even prettier when I found out I could claim the tax back on them since I don't live in the UK! I am going for a big girlie weekend soon and I will most certainly be dressing my feet up in these pretty little cages. I will also be channelling...

Pics to follow...obviously!

I got my pretty YSL boots from Bicester Village, which is this great outlet village where I also picked up my beloved Mulberry mock croc Bayswater, seen here, last year. I also managed to score another bargain with these fabulous Georgina Goodman boots...

I stupidly forgot to take pics of them when I was home and due to the sheer volume of things I bought and the impending warmer months, I had to leave them back at my parent's in the UK for now so this is just a snap of them from the website. Look at how impressive that heel is? I love architecture like that! And they are so comfortable to walk in, which is an added bonus because I frequently chose fashion over comfort. The leather has a beautiful petrol sheen to them and I think they will be perfect next winter. Georgina Goodman does not actually have a store at Bicester Village but together with the British Fashion Council they have opened their first ever Pop up Boutique called the British Designers Collective. The boutique is showcasing some of Britain's hottest talents at massively discounted prices (I got my GG boots for a lot cheaper than they are on the website!) and is well worth a look. But hurry! The boutique closes on the 7th May and the bargains are going fast!

I really hope they have another initiative like this next year because I've got my eye on these...

Hope you all had a lovely Easter. I promise to get back on the blogging and you'll be hearing from me again very soon!

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