Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Graffiti Artist

(headband: old, cardigan and vest: Gap, shorts: Uniqlo, shoes: Aldo, bag: Mulberry (also seen here), jewellery: gifted, silver cobblestone ring also seen here., skull ring: Ebay, cobweb ring also seen here)

Just a few pics me and the boyf snapped of my outfit the other day. I think the muted tones of my outfit look brilliant contrasted against the brights of the graffiti art, which is just around the corner from our apartment. What a great outdoor studio! I wish I posted them a bit earlier as I just saw that Aimee from Song of Style has posted a similar concept. Great minds eh?

As long as I can remember, I have a major thing for jewellery (I dedicated my last post and these posts to it!) amd usually the bigger the better. I wanted the focus in this pics to therefore be on the jewellery, some of which I have recently acquired and others of which I have had decades. I have drawers and drawers filled with all kinds of wierd and wonderful jewellery. However, I just can't bare to think of my pieces du jour (I rotate them all the time) being locked away so I have a habit of cluttering all the available surfaces in my walk-in wardrobe/spare bedroom with them. They're a real pain to dust but they're are just too beautiful to be hidden.

I try to keep track of all my most sentimental pieces but as you may seen me tweet recently, often I'll realise I've lost track of a piece or three and so I'll happily spend an afternoon or an evening "rediscovering" jewellery stored away in those drawers.

Soon it is my birthday and many of my lovely friends and family have been asking what they can get me as a gifts and my mind immediately went to all things metallic, jewelled and sparkly. Consequently, I have recently spent many hours delightfully trawling the internet in search of such things and this post is a precusor to my jewel-encrusted wishlist. 

What pieces of jewellery are currently on your lust list?


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

House of Harlow 1960 at ASOS

(from asos.com)

Look at these gorgeous beauties that I just purchased from ASOS! Jealous much? I can't wait to get back to the UK next week to pick them up - I adore the petrol-like look of the ring and necklace. As you can see from here and here, I love House of Harlow 1960 and I love ASOS. It's so hard to find decent House of Harlow 1960 stockists in the UK so well done ASOS! I think Nicole Richie is a true style icon. I'm also on the stalk for this ring and the whole of her Winter Kate collection as well. Now if only I could get my hands on this cape from ASOS as well.....

(from asos.com)
How gorgeous? I love it all - the cape, the leather shorts, the chunky bracelets and last but not least the beautiful Olivia Palmero. 
What's on your lust list?

Monday, 2 August 2010

Gifted street walker

Denim jacket: Gap (very old, also seen here), floral scarf: Primark, striped top and rolled hem chinos: Topshop, bag: Mulberry, wedges: Bertie, jewellery: gifted (see below).

As I said in my last post, the boyf has been fabulous recently and so supportive of my blogging. I think you will all notice more outdoor pics - all courteousy of him. This is my work outfit from today which also nicely shows off my first "gift" - lucky me! The silver ring was so kindly given to me by the lovely Sarah from
LuShae Jewelry. Check out my ring here - I love the texture on it and within no time it has worked its way into my weekly rotation. As you can see from here, I have a thing for rings and also found myself being quite partial to this ring as well. How can you not love a good cocktail ring? Sarah was so lovely - you have to check out her website.

I hope everyone feels suitably rested after their weekend and has had a great Monday. My weekend consisted of chilling with my boyf, running errands and completing various DIY tasks in the apartments - my latest project is finally framing all the photos that I've been collecting on my desktop and hanging them. It sounds simple but has taken weeks!!

We're going to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks for the Fringe festival so we also spent a lot of time laughing our way through various comedian's sketches on YouTube. There are so many acts to see but such a short time in which to see them. In the end we settled on Jason Byrne, Best of the Fest (we went last year and this is a good all rounder), Shappi Khorsandi and Paul Merton's Impro Chums. I am most looking forward to Shappi...check out this YouTube video of her:

Enjoy and good night!

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