Monday, 19 April 2010

Festival fashion

(photos from gossip center)

This volcanic eruption in Iceland is really screwing up the weather here. This morning we scrapped ice and snow of the car and it was nearly minus temps and now it is gorgeous sunshine outside. I love summer time and my fondest recent memories are filled with music festivals and lounging in the sun. Looking at photos of the recent Coachella festival in California made me pine for a stable climate of delicious warm weather. 

My summer wardrobe will consist of tie-dyes, tassles and breezy cute summer dresses and playsuits in a rainbow of colours. I love the one Paris is wearing here but I would wear it completely differently with fringed leather sandals, chunky turquoise and silver jewellery and feathers in my hair.
Here's some of my favourite styles from some of last year's UK festivals as well:

(photos from Elle UK)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend - I was on a cabin trip with some of my nearest and dearest enjoying long chats, delicious food and a tipple or too.


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  1. I really do love the festival style I cant wait for the summer to kick and dressing in festival style great post xoxo


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