Wednesday, 25 November 2009

FabSugar: Looks of the Week

I've been away on holiday in Miami for two weeks without a computer so I've just been checking through all my favourite sites and seeing what's been going on while I was lying in the sun - seems that another look of mine got picked up by FabSugar, this time for one of their looks of the week! Thanks FabSugar - I love that website esp as they say that my outfit is the the most fab!

That look is kind of based around the same principles that I showed in my "As the leaves fall" post - getting the last few wears out of my summer dresses before the leaves are gone and the snow falls.

For these looks of the week see here.
For the original look, and where all my clothes are from, see here.

Thanks again FabSugar and all of you that "liked" my look.


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