Friday, 16 October 2009

The first step to happiness...the little black dress

With first post out of the way I thought I'd get straight to it and showcase one of my favourite looks of the moment. I love this look because it incorporates so many of my favorite fashion elements; the little black dress is of course a wardrobe staple for all self-respecting women and this one is great because it's also a prom dress, which for those of us with ample hips is a godsend! I especially love this dress as it is one of my beloved Ebay bargains which I snapped up for a mere £20! I've seen similar dresses retailing from £50 to £200. Over my LBD, I layered a little cream shrug which I bought about a month ago from Topshop. This shrug is so cute because it has a beaded trim and scalloped edges which gives a great vintage feel. Layering it over my dress stops the outfit from becoming yet another boring LBD and it's also great for those of you that want to cover up your back or upper arms.

My accessories are all about statement pieces; some might say that you should just stick to one, max two, statement pieces but I disagree. If worn with confidence, more can most definitely be best! Here I have my current favourite necklace a Butler and Wilson chunky pearl cluster that I spied in the window of an Edinburgh boutique over the summer and begged my boyfriend to buy me as a birthday present. It looks so expensive but was actually very reasonably priced although I do think such timeless pieces are priceless. Pearls are most definitely one of my best friends - they are classic, reliable and never go out of fashion. My belt is recently purchased from Zara - I think for only £20. I love peacock feathers and the colours on this belt are just great. It adds another dimension to the outfit by cinching it all together and creates a waist. No matter how great the pieces, drowning in your clothes is never a good look. My ring is House of Harlow 1960 - another gift from my fabulous boyf. I am a huge fans of rings and the bigger the better if you ask me - I just can't get enough of this ring.

As for my shoes, well some of you might not agree with my choice and possibly think that a nice black court shoe would have gone better. For a while I thought about wearing such a shoe, but I like to be unpredictable and thought that these gladiator heels added a more modern touch to an outfit comprising such classic pieces. I love these heels, with a zip at the back they are easy to wear and so glam. Plus, like so many of my other pieces - they were an absolute bargain at less than £20 from Matalan!

This look shows that you put together relatively inexpensive and classics pieces and create a fresh, original and very wearable look. I think it has a real air of vintage decadence to it. With a simple slick of red lipstick this glamorous look is complete.

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