Saturday, 17 October 2009

Fierce florals

Ironic that yesterday I was writing about getting ready for autumn and now I am planning my spring 2010 wardrobe - but I am a planner and I like to be prepared! I spent a glorious day today drooling over the 2010 spring collections from Milan, Paris, New York and London (again!). As always though, one collection has really stayed with me - Dolce and Gabbana (see the collection here). I've always loved the opulence and feminity of their designs, which this collection has in abundance. These guys know how to dress women and make us feel sexy! The fabrics, shapes and prints really caught my eye. Leopard print and florals with lace trims constructed into beautiful corsets and lantern skirts are simply works of art! These guys know how to create masterpieces season after season (I can also highly recommend the D&G spring 2010 collection - divine!).

The stinger for me though is that, as yet (I’m working on it!), I can't afford those pieces sashaying down the runway so I'm all about the improv! After a short while rooting around in my wardrobe I came up with this Dolce and Gabbana inspired look…I layered a lace body from Topshop under a red leopard print body that I actually stole from my boyfriend’s mum – an 80’s original! I haven’t worn it yet despite owning it for a year but now I have the perfect reason. My skirt is also from Topshop, I tried looking for it online but couldn’t find it but I know it is still in store. The finishing touches are my fabulous bargain Matalan gladiator heels and a slick of red lipstick. I think next time I’ll add my favourite Butler and Wilson pearls as well for a little extra gilt and glamour!

I think I did pretty well, in fact this outfit is too good to save for the spring...don’t you agree?

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