Wednesday, 2 December 2009

And again! :-)

I was lucky enough to get another one of my looks picked for FabSugar's look of the week. I love this look so much since it contains some of my most treasured items - my beloved Chanel bag and my Alexander McQueen scarf plus breton stripes, with which I am slightly obssessed. I wore this to work one day but I think you could easily swap the shoes for over the knee boots and take it shopping, or keep it as it is and wear it to dinner with your lovely boyfriend or girlfriends!

I had to include some other pictures to really show off the iconic scarf and bag. I just a bit gutted that the gorgeous brightness of the blue shoes didn't come out very well. I really need a better camera! Hint hint Santa!

To see the whole look and where I got all my clothes go here.

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