Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The lights will inspire you

(photos from GossipCenter)

This morning kicked off in the usual way - oversleeping, coffee, work, emails, bloglovin' etc. I was researching more things in association with my upcoming New York trip (only 2 days to go!!) when I found this pic of Gwen Stefani strolling down a New York sidewalk and I just had to share it with you. Her style epitomises cool - who else can pull off neon yellow nails with such ease? She makes looking stylish so effortless. I aim to channel some of Gwen when I am in New York - wish me luck! Ha ha!

Obviously it will come as no surprise to you all that I have started planning my New York wardrobe in my head, outfit by outfit, occasion by occasion. I am definitely an over packer but given that I already have my eye on so many treats to purchase (and a finite weight limit on my baggage allowance!) I am really going to try and streamline my New York wardrobe. One person who definitely knows how to take clothes from day to night in a very chic manner is Olivia Palmero. Love her or hate her, she can dress! Here's some of my favourite looks of hers, which I will be using as inspiration when trying to downsize my packing:

Isn't she absolutely gorgeous? Love her accessories, never understated, love her Chloe Gemma bag, love her!

So tonight I start on the packing, I like to get a head start, as well as finalising my New York itinerary and Google Map (geek!), not to mention adding to my ever increasing lust list of things I want to buy....bless my bank balance!


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  1. olivia can defenately dress! amazing style
    following you with bloglovin!
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