Monday, 6 September 2010

Mixed Metals

(t-shirt: ASOS, necklaces, bag and bracelets: Primark, jeans; Sass & Bide; shoes: Zara, rings: Ebay and gifts, watch: Casio)

Isn't it frustrating when despite your best intentions some things just get in the way. For example after my last post, I had a brilliant follow-up post all sketched out in my mind but then Blogger temporarily deleted my blog because they thought I had been spamming! For a moment there I thought I had lost everything but thankfully I had a rare moment of patience and pragmatism whilst going through the reinstatement protocol and after some days and many deep breaths my beloved blog was back!!! But then I jetted to Edinburgh to celebrate my birthday and I just lost track of time....

These are the pictures I wanted to post before my birthday, showing my newly discovered liking for mixing my metals - something which to be honest I have previously avoided like the plague. But after cruising many jewelled websites looking for sparkly treats to ask for for my bday, I became inspired. The outfit is pretty basic as I wanted the jewellery do all the talking. The t-shirt is one of the four that I blogged about here. I love them all - real wardrobe staples.

I had also intended to blog my birthday wish list fuelled by my inner magpie, but obviously that never happened. But in what I like to think is a purposeful twist of fate, whilst I got many beautiful expected and unexpected treats for my birthday that will no doubt be shown here soon, some items remain on my perennial lust list. Ever the optimist, I see this as the perfect shopportunity! And where better to shop than New York city where I will be landing in precisely five days time!

Pending a sudden massive cash injection which I am sure must be imminent any day now (ha ha!), currently top of my wish list is anything from the talented Dannijo:

Beautiful juxtaposition of chunky metals and dazzling crystals. I'm in love...but their heavyweight nature is matched with an equally heavy price tag so it looks like I'll be tracking down suitable substitutes at Banana Republic, J.Crew and Forever 21 in New York.

Anyone got any New York must-sees/things to do/places to eat and drink? All tips gratefully received.

Isn't it an amazing coincidence that my New York trip, which we booked and planned over a year ago, coincides with New York Fashion Week??

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