Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Happy Birthday Lise

This weekend it was my gorgeous friend Lise's bday and even though this is belated, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Lise! She's probably going to complain about these pics and say that she looks horrible in them but I think she looks beautiful. We had a great dinner at her apartment where our lovely friend Adam (that's him looking scared below) cooked us some incredible curries (my favourite dish of all time!). Drinks flowed and we all bounced around to classic tunes from the 90's! It was a perfect evening and we had so much fun that I forgot to get any proper outfit shots - sorry! I am wearing the playsuit I showed you all here . I really love it so I definitely be wearing it again and then I'll get some better shots of it. 

Because it was the weekend I donned some of my beloved false eyelashes, of which I have hundreds of pairs. It might not show in this blog but I love beauty as much as I love fashion and false eyelashes sometimes just provide the theatrical edge I need to top an outfit off. I just think they are really fun. Do any of you guys wear false eyelashes? If you think they are hard to apply, you'd be wrong! I know the best video on You Tube which shows you how to apply them - it's how I learnt. Once I figure out how to post videos I'll show you all.

I really hope you all had a lovely weekend too and that you likes my pics - even those these pics aren't "fashion" I really love them because they show my goofy side - I sometimes look so serious in all my outfit pics and really that is the exact opposite of me!

Hope you're all having a fab week with an even better weekend planned!


p.s. I don't normally wear glasses like this, I'm not jumping on the geek glasses bandwagon - they were just lying around and I thought they were a funny prop. Quite honestly, I think I look a bit like Kim Jong Il from Team America! LOL!

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