Tuesday, 9 March 2010

It's in the bag - part 1

You guys may have seen my tweets from "Tweet My Bag", which is this great site that, in the words of the website itself "features a fabulous Rebecca Minkoff bag daily and offers a day-long 25% discount to Tweet My Bag users who upload their handbag pictures to the website and share with Twitter and Facebook friends. In addition, Rebecca Minkoff will be giving away a handbag each week to the most stylish, active tweeter/Facebook sharer from TweetMyBag.com." It's a fab site and there's no better incentive to join and start uploading your favourite bags than the possible promise of a gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff bag! The site has been promoted by two of my favourite bloggers Keiko Lynn and The Glamourai , check out their sites to see their fab Rebecca Minkoff bags.

Since I have a massive bag obsession, I have been uploading all my bag pics to the website in the hopes of winning a fab Minkoff bag (you can check out my looks here). So, in honour of Tweet My Bag, I thought I would do a "What's in the bag?" post and show you all my most treasured possessions that I drag around with me all day and everyday.         

In my first bag (yes I carry more than one bag around on a daily basis, but I'll get to that in a minute), which is usually one of my smaller favourite like my Chanel (seen here, here and here) I carry all my "essentials"....
1.  Compact mirror in the shape of a heart that my boyf gave me - it has his name for me engraved on it and is my talisman
2. Ballmania lip balm - I suffer from intolerably dry lips so this is vital plus it has SPF 20 so keeps away those harmful rays
3. Smythson Fashion Planner leather notebook - my mum gave me this for my bday and I carry it with me all the time so I can jot down all my outfit ideas and inspiration whenever they come to me. I am a list-making maniac so always expect to see my surrounded by notebooks and bits of paper covered in probably very illegible writing
4. Pens - black, blue and red, for list writing obviously
5-6. Pocket tissues and anti-bac gel - to ward off unwanted germs and H1N1
7. Black aluminium card holder and business cards
8-12. Keys, mobile phone, wallet, gum, hairclip - essentials, no explanation necessary
13. Mini pink torch - because the light in my corridor always goes (and I never replace it) so this makes finding my keys a lot easier!
14. Nail files - because I hate broken nails, not least because they tend to be the most deadly assassin of all my tights!
15. VW Beetle USB key - the lights come on when you plug it on - how cute! For keeping and uploading all my blogs and inspiration pics of course.   

Bag no.2 is usually a large tote big enough to hold any work I need to carry around plus a spare pair of shoes to change into once I am indoors and I can rid myself of my ever-so practical rubber boots (much better for navigating the icy pavements of Norway than any of my heels). This one is my Coco and Lolly tote, also seen here - don't you just love the animal print lining? In it I carry...
16. Hat and gloves - to keep me toasty warm
17. Even more notebooks - I have different notebooks for different lists, when I come to think about it I think I might have some sort of list OCD!
18. Metallic pink Coco and Lolly make-up bag which contains my MAC Studiofix and matte bronzing powder, YSL touche eclat concealer, 2 mascaras (these are my must-haves and I have one for the top lashes that adds volume and length and one for my bottom lashes which just adds length), eyelash comb, lipgloss, blusher, nail varnish and top coat (to touch up chipped nails), tweezers (to keep my brows in shape even when on the go) and more, even smaller hair clips (I seem to have a bad hair day nearly every other day so I constantly need help!).

So, as you can see I never travel light but everything I carry I consider vital for my day. 

Let me know what your bag essentials are and link me to your in the bag posts. Oh, and remember to check out TweetMyBag.com and upload your entries.
Good Luck!

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