Tuesday, 9 February 2010

BEAR with me :)


How cute is this panda bear hat? I just love it!Yes it is still freezing in Norway although we haven't had any fresh snow for a few days now which means that the pavements are now just compacted sheer ice and absolute death traps. The boots I am wearing here are saved just for indoor use for the most part and normally I have sturdy wellies strapped to my feet to save me from ice skating my way to the emergency room with fractures and broken bones.

The sub-zero temps mean that warm clothing is a must hence my fur coat and gloves. Am still experimenting with trousers and found these three-quarter lovelies in my wardrobe the other day. Considering, they came from Matalan a couple of years ago and were less than £20, I think they make a good staple for my wardrobe. Tweed print - how very English of me! Well I've got to fly the flag whilst I am here eh?! Sorry for the bad lighting in the pics but I wanted to brave an outdoor post and despite rushing from work, it was dark by the time we got home. Really the best thing to do would be invest in an SLR instead of using my compact one, but I keep spending all my money on clothes instead - whoops! I included a couple of indoor posts so you can see the detail on the pants and on the neckline of the top I had underneath all those millions of layers! Oh, and the reason there is so many pics is because I actually got some with me smiling which my mum says I never do in these pics - so these are for you mum!

I've just come back from a weekend in London which was fab! Caught up with old friends, ate amazing food, drank absolutely delicious cocktails and shopped until my suitcase was fit to burst. Also managed to finally lug back to Norway my favourite Xmas present - my sewing machine that my lovely boyf got me. Cannot wait to crack it open and get sewing - even though I am a complete novice I already have a stack of projects waiting to be tackled...so watch these space!

I am going to post the goodies I bought in London later - I went a little crazy but in a good way. It had to be done though esp as my Ashish dress didn't fit at all (was like a sack) - massive sad face :( I was going to wear it for my 21st: The Sequel birthday later this year. It's not for ages but I like to plan ahead but back to the drawing board. My ASOS stash was also slightly disappointing with only 3 of the items looking decent...but some is better than none! :)

Have a great evening guys!


Bear hat: River Island
Coat: vintage
Gloves: gift from my mum
Bag: Coco and Lolly
Scarf: present from boyf's trip to Abu Dhabi
Shrug: H&M
Top: Anthropologie
Trousers: Matalan
Boots: New Look

p.s. I am now on Chictopia so feel free to come and say hi! http://www.chictopia.com/nouey80

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