Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I wear the trousers in this house!


Currently these are my favourite trousers, which I bought from ASOS a few months back but wasn't quite sure about until now. Ever since skinny jeans made a return I ditched all my regular trousers in favour of skin-tight denim but recently something has been happening in my trouser department (ha ha!). Despite really loving the look of harem pants I always shyed away from them deeming them too unflattering - every pair I tried made me look like I was either wearing a nappy or was an extra from Aladdin. Not hot. But I perserved in my search for harem-style trousers that didn't make me look ridiculous and that is how I stumbled upon these babies. I am so glad I gave them a go as I think the high-waisted paper bag waist is extremely flattering and the tapered ankle is the perfect way to show off my heels which usually drown under other trousers.

I put together these three looks to show how versatile they are - the top and bottom looks are perfect for dinner and drinks with your girlfriends/boyfriend whilst I wear the middle one to work. I add a skinny vest top under the cardi of the bottom look when I want to wear that one to work as well.

Sorry for another indoor post but the ground is so thick with snow outside I daren't venture out unless I absolutely have to at the moment.


Top look: cardi: Matalan, vest: Gap, booties; Aldo.
Middle look: cardi and vest as before, fur and cameo brooch: vintage, booties: Topshop.
Bottom look: cardi: ASOS, shoes: Matalan.

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