Friday, 19 February 2010

Hood winked

Yesterday I was prancing around in a little skirt and top, albeit with thick tights and a cardi, but still I thought the sub-zero temps of winter were finally on their way out. But today I woke up and it was FREEZING! -10 C…brrrrrr! It’s so tricky trying to look and feel good in such cold conditions. I think the only thing to do is layer layer layer. I’m wearing a lot more black here than I usually do and my friend asked me if I was rocking a biker chick look – maybe I subconsciously reflected my dark thoughts re: the chilly weather via my outfit – ah the power of fashion! Anyhow, this is what I ended up wearing today: thick black tights under black harem pants (wierdly after a long hiatus from proper trousers in my life, I'm really getting into them now, see here and here as well) with a leather jacket layered under a fur gilet with hood. I was toasty! However, the boots were a little impractical on the ice and I nearly skidded my way to a broken hip on a few occasions! No pain no gain eh?

These pics aren’t great (no change there then :-P) but I am just so happy that we managed to get home from work in time for last few rays of sunshine….finally an outdoor post! Hopefully, there will be many more of them to come.

Have you all have a great weekend planned? I’m going to try hot yoga tomorrow for the first time – don’t think I’ll be posting any pics of that though considering I am so unfit it is embarrassing!

Fur gilet: Coco and Lolly
Leather jacket: Primark
Black tee: Primark
Black harem pants:
Side tie boots:
Hat: Knitted by my grandmother
Black leather gloves: H&M
Sunglasses: Superdry


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